The Big Data for Discovery Science Center (BDDS) - comprised of leading experts in biomedical imaging, genetics, proteomics, and computer science - is taking an "-ome to home" approach toward streamlining big data management, aggregation, manipulation, integration, and the modeling of biological systems across spatial and temporal scales.

Use Cases

The BDDS suite of tools and utilities allow for the acquisition, aggregation, management, analysis and modelling of large complex data. Not only does the systems allow users to manage and analyze large data sets, but also provides functionality for seamless sharing, collaboration and verification. They can be interfaced as standalone systems or be incorporated into large workflows and pipelines. Multiple categories of BDDS tools are currently being used in the scientific discovery process as part of large workflows. Various tools can be used by a given Use Case to solve simple tasks or complex problems. View Use Case details appearing in multiple categories of BDDS tools.

Data management

Association Studies

Functional Analysis