The Big Data for Discovery Science Center (BDDS) - comprised of leading experts in biomedical imaging, genetics, proteomics, and computer science - is taking an "-ome to home" approach toward streamlining big data management, aggregation, manipulation, integration, and the modeling of biological systems across spatial and temporal scales.
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The Trans Proteomic Pipeline (TPP) is used for protein identification and quantitation to LC-tandem MS data.

The Trans-Proteomic Pipeline (TPP) is one of the most widely used, free and open source tool suites for the start-to-finish processing and analysis of shotgun proteomics datasets. It includes tools for format conversion, sequence database and spectral library searching, statistical validation, and protein abundance calculation. BDDS has extended these tools into two pipeline environments, Galaxy and LONI Pipeline. This enables the use of all TPP tools without needing any software to be downloaded and configured. This extension should be of special use to those who are very familiar with proteomics data analysis and workflow environments, but do not have a great deal of experience with TPP itself.

View information on TPP support for the BDBag and MINID toolset.

Datasets generated by BDDS tools can be imported into TPP by using the TPP fetchDataset function.