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TPP BDBag Minid Use Case

The Trans-Proteomic Pipeline (TPP) has added support for the BDBag and Minid toolset. This means that datasets and other data packages that are identified by a Minid can easily be downloaded, unpackaged, and validated using the BDDS tool set via the TPP fetchDataset function. To use this functionality:

1. Launch the TPP Petunia Interface on your computer

2. Select [TPP Tools] [Utilities] [Fetch Dataset]

3. Determine the Minid of the dataset that you want to fetch (e.g., emailed to you, in a paper, on a website, etc.)

4. Paste the Minid into the input box and select any other additional desired options

5. Specify the location to which the dataset is to be placed

6. Click [Fetch Dataset]

7.Monitor progress of the job. Large datasets may take substantial time to download depending on your network speed