The Big Data for Discovery Science Center (BDDS) - comprised of leading experts in biomedical imaging, genetics, proteomics, and computer science - is taking an "-ome to home" approach toward streamlining big data management, aggregation, manipulation, integration, and the modeling of biological systems across spatial and temporal scales.

ABIDE Data Catalog

The ABIDE data catalog is a tool that allows users to search over a unified set of ABIDE data elements that include phenotypic data, structural MRI data, derived MRI data including both brain volumetric measurements and imaging, and quality control metrics. Researchers can use the interface to build cohorts of data and then generate a BDBag containing all of the relevant phenotypic, imaging, and derived imaging data for further downstream analysis. It is implemented using the DERIVA software platform.

Sample queries:

  1. Tabular view of Male subjects with a diagnosis of Autism:
  2. Histogram view of diagnostic categories of subjects with ages from 7-18 years old:,x:DSM_IV_TR)&page=1
  3. Scatter plot view of subjects using AGE and FIQ as plot axes:,x:AGE_AT_SCAN,y:FIQ)&page=1